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About Us

I'm Quintin but most know me as Kross from ENY.
I’m the CEO of WILDLIFE CLOTHING COLLECTION. Im grateful to be here after going through many trials and tribulations life. After a set back I found my purpose and decided to go for it, with hard work dedication and my family as my drive to turn a dream into a reality.
Owning a business nurturing the thing I enjoyed the most which is fashion, dressing up looking good, setting trends and being different. My love for clothing made me want to create peices that look good, last long, and of good quality, affordable making it worth spending you're money on. During my days of doing things that most guys growing up in the hood did I grew up all over Brooklyn but my home was and will always be East New York, coming from the typical being in the street, partying, hanging out dealing with some of the realest to learning about all the fakes. Losing loved ones and friends. Going through those things and were still standing shows us we have more to do. Living a what some may call a Wildlife was the inspiration to the name Wildlife Clothing Collection. My wife and I just did it We've spent so much amounts of money with various brands now I mostly wear only my own brand these days. We started with one design one tshirt in different colors and sizes pulling up on my friends, family and associates showing them my merchandise. Some supported some didn't but that didn't stop us we kept going you cant win them all so let’s go! Just know that You can too. Use you're environment and what its taught you and make it better you and work hard to make it out or what you want it to be. We all Came up from a WILDLIFE the objective is to survive. No matter where you came from the goal is always survival!


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